Protecting Our Children & Vulnerable Adults

Here at St. Mary’s we pledge to provide a safe environment for our children and all those who are vulnerable.

All priests, deacons, staff members, and all volunteers who have any contact whatsoever with children and other vulnerable persons are required to be trained through Safe Haven and or Vulnerable Adults eLearning to provide a safe environment. These same people receive background screenings in addition to education on how to make the safest environment possible.

Parents of our children are always welcome to ask questions and tour our facilities. Join in helping us end sexual abuse of children wherever it happens.

Dear Parishioner,

Thank you for working/volunteering at St. Mary’s. Your time and service are greatly appreciated! In order to serve at St. Mary’s, it is the policy of the Diocese of Charleston that the following paperwork be completed and submitted to the Safe Environment Coordinator before beginning your position:

  1. Disclosure form for Background investigation and Background Check form.
    (Complete Driving form and/or Credit background only if applicable to your volunteer position.)
  2. *Read Policy Concerning the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults from Sexual Abuse and Code of Conduct Concerning Protection of Minors and Vulnerable Adults/Appendix I.
  3. Sign and return Appendix II: Acknowledgement of Receipt and Agreement to Comply.

*If you will be working with minors (children under the age of 18), you must complete the Safe Haven online training. After training, please print certificate for Safe Environment Coordinator.

**If you are working with vulnerable adults, you must complete training for Safe Haven as well as e-training for Vulnerable Adults. Please print out both certificates for Safe Environment Coordinator.

After completion of all forms, return to the parish office, or email to Cynthia Foley at If you should have any questions, please contact the parish office: 803.649.4777.

Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the parish and community!

Cynthia Foley