Mens Ministry: That Man Is You

We invite and encourage all men to take part in the St Marys Aiken chapter of That Man is You (TMIY). This program meets weekly and has the blessing of Father Wilson. The 2021 program will reconvene, in person, on starting September 10, 2021. TMIY is made up of two 13 week sessions in the Fall and Spring, but you can join at any time. Yes, it starts early (6:15am) but there is no better way to start your weekend! This a wonderful opportunity to grow your faith, and give a gift to your family and the Church.

Please contact with questions or to receive more information.

Experience the Power of Transformation as you discover:

  • Eight new speakers, new personalities, and new topics, while still building on the foundation of the three base years of TMIY formation.
  • The harmony of faith and science from one of the foremost leaders in this field.
  • The path to authentic spiritual freedom, the beauty of the Eucharist, and the power of the Holy Spirit in action from a passionate and dynamic Franciscan Friar.
  • The secrets of superabundant relationships from one of the world’s experts on purity and chastity.
  • A deeper understanding of the four gospels from one of the best theologians in the world.
  • An epic real life story from the underground mafia of London to the heights of spiritual freedom.
  • Intellectual clarity on the misconception that causes the largest percentage of Catholics and all Christians to abandon their faith.
  • The personal spiritual journeys of three men who have over 25 years of combined TMIY experience and contemplation.
  • A systematic and uniquely personal plan for every man, no matter where they are in their spiritual life