Addiction Help

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we want you to know you are not alone, and there is hope.  God can take the most evil or broken situation, and bring His goodness into it.  We’ve listed some resources below for you to browse.  Comunita Cenacolo and the Good Samaritan Colony, both listed under Free Resources, are each highly recommended by different St. Mary’s parishioners whose family members were truly helped.

If you would like someone to talk to, you are welcome to contact Deacon Bob or Donna Pierce at 803-474-6011 or, or call the parish office at 803-649-4777 to receive a Stephen Minister.

Free Resources

Comunita Cenacolo is sanctioned by the Catholic Church, although you do not have to be Catholic to enter. There are men’s and women’s houses in over 35 countries, and Bishop Baker brought it to America about 1995.  The men and women live similar to the simple monastic life with prayer and work.

  • The Community is for men ages 18-40 or women ages 18-30.
  • It requires a three-year minimum commitment.
  • It is run entirely on Divine Providence—there is no fee to enter.
  • Please visit for more information

Good Samaritan Colony is a Christian-run organization. It is an all-male environment. The residents work in the garden, refinish furniture, read the Bible, and attend a church service each week (Baptist). It is an excellent place for a person who really wants to get away from drugs and get their head straight. There is no pressure and the residents help each other.

  • There is no cost. They rely on donations, do huge yard sales, and refinish furniture.
  • They request applicants agree to a one-year commitment.
  • Located at 19147 Highway 9, Ruby, SC
  • Call 843-634-6848

Public Resources

Aiken Center for Drug and Alcohol (Gregg Ave)

  • requires that clients attend an orientation, then a private assessment.  The results of the assessment will determine what level of group, individual, or other services are recommended.
  • To qualify for higher levels of care, some providers require that lower levels of care be attempted.  A typical progression may be:  outpatient care (such as weekly group or individual sessions), intensive outpatient (multiple hours per day for a certain number of weeks), then inpatient care.

Aurora Pavilion at Aiken Regional Medical Center

William J McCord Adolescent Treatment Facility, Orangeburg SC

Private Resources

Aiken Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Associates (Varden Drive) has a Substance Abuse Specialist

Phoenix Ministries: Bob Strachan, Pastoral Counselor (Christian),DMin,LPPT_Aiken_South+Carolina_159671

Financial Notes for Youth:

To ensure that all SC youth can get the care they need for substance abuse issues:

  • Certain public providers who serve youth do not charge fees above that which the youth’s private insurance covers.
  • SC youth who are out of the home for more than 30 days in public treatment may be eligible for Medicaid (independent of the family’s income level).

AA Meetings

Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings at St. Mary’s are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:00am in Smith Hall.