Homebound Ministries

St. Mary’s Homebound Ministries includes all aspects of ministering to those of our parish family who cannot come to church on a weekly basis because of illness or injury. Volunteers bring the love of Christ, through their prayers and friendship and/or by bringing them Holy Communion. We are the continuing presence of their parish family for them, so they know they are loved and not forgotten. Volunteers will receive the necessary training so you will be comfortable with this important Corporal Work of Mercy. Please note: All volunteers must complete the required Safe Environment paperwork and training to become a volunteer with St. Mary’s Homebound Ministries.

Volunteers are most welcome in one or more of the following ministries. Please sign up via Flocknote or contact the Homebound Ministries Coordinator (see right margin).

Communion to the Homebound

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who have been commissioned for homebound ministry bring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament weekly to those who are homebound in a senior living facility or at their home address.

Note:  If you are homebound and would like an EM to bring you Communion, please contact the parish office at 803-649-4777 our Communion to the Homebound Ministry Lead (see margin on right).

Hospital Ministry

Since the health condition of those who are in the hospital is usually more serious or fragile, we strive to bring Holy Communion every day to Catholics who are hospitalized. Extraordinary Ministers are assigned one day a week, although anyone desiring to serve as a substitute is most welcome.

Note:  If you are in the hospital and would like an EM to bring you Communion, please contact the parish office at 803-649-4777 or our Hospital Ministry Lead (see margin on right).

Friendship Ministry

The St. Mary’s Friendship Ministry visits our parish family who are homebound or reside in a Senior Living Facility. Preferably, our Friendship Ministers visit in pairs, sharing the love and mercy of Christ by sharing smiles and building friendships. Volunteer opportunities are more flexible for Friendship Ministers. They depend on the amount of time you have available to visit, usually weekly or biweekly.

Senior Living Facility Masses

When an Assisted Living Facility has a small community of Catholics, we do our best to have Holy Mass once a month at their facility for them. Our Sr. Living Mass volunteers for each particular facility visit each of the Catholic residents prior to Mass so that all have the opportunity to attend, and they may also help the sacristans set up for Mass.

Note:  If You are Homebound and Need a Priest

If you or your loved one are homebound and would like a priest for the Sacraments of Confession or the Anointing of the Sick, please call the office at 803-649-4777. Please keep in mind that the individual, their family member, or their caregiver must request the priest; while they can assist you with the call, the EM’s and the Friendship Ministers do not have the authority to call for a priest for you.

Becoming a Homebound Ministries Volunteer

Once you contact Homebound Ministries Coordinator or the specific Ministry Lead to volunteer, you will be contacted by the Safe Environment Coordinator from the parish office to help you complete the necessary clearances and training if you have not done so already (see the webpage https://www.stmarys-aiken.org/protecting-our-children for more information).

In addition to the above, if you would like to bring Holy Communion to our homebound or those in the hospital, please complete the application to become an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (available at the office or https://www.stmarys-aiken.org/uploads/docs/emhcapplication.pdf). Once completed, please submit it to the office.

Once you are cleared to volunteer as a Homebound Minister, we will contact you to show you the ropes and help you get started!