Communion to the Homebound or Hospital

When an illness or injury makes it difficult or impossible to get to Church on a weekly basis, then the ministers of Holy Communion in the parish will visit with the homebound or hospitalized person, bring them God’s Word and Holy Communion, and be the continuing presence of their St. Mary’s parish family for them.

Time Commitment for Volunteers:

Volunteer Ministers of Holy Communion usually spend up to 20-30 minutes on a weekly basis with the person they visit, depending on their health.  How many homebound to whom they would like to bring communion is entirely their choice based on their own schedule.

To Volunteer:

To Volunteer please sign up on Flocknote or contact Donna Pierce via the parish office at 803-649-4777 or emailing with the link on the right. You will receive the necessary training so you will be comfortable with this act of mercy while giving honor and reverence to the Eucharist. In addition, volunteers who bring Communion to the Homebound or Hospital must complete all of the following diocesan requirements. Please begin this necessary paperwork ASAP.

Are you Homebound?

If you or someone you love is homebound and would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact the Parish Office at 803-649-4777 with a short description of the situation.  We will schedule a visit with a Minister of Holy Communion or priest as soon as possible.