Following the star…

01-07-2024Pastor's LetterVery Rev. Richard C. Wilson, VF, Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

The route of the Magi is a symbol of our path to Christ. Almost always we come from afar, across the desert of faith, surrounded by darkness. Some of us get disoriented, others get lost, some give up, but a few lift their eyes up to the sky and in the middle of the night discover the star. When we find the star, we must follow it with all hope and to persevere to the end. The Magi set out on their way, and they asked, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East and have come to worship him.” (Matt 2:2)

The Magi can teach us a lot. One day, as they began their search for Christ; they had o confront trials, but they reacted with courage. To believe in Christ means we will take some risks. The three Wise Men mortgaged everything, they submitted themselves to mockery from their neighbors and relentlessly pursued the King of the Jews.

We tend to demand many guarantees. To make a trip like this, we'd go to a travel agency, we'd ask for an itinerary, we'd make reservations in the best hotels, and we'd buy an insurance policy. We always want proofs and evidence, clear and visible. We want faith to be like geometry; we would want a clear route on our smart phone. We want the Church and our faith to be how we'd like it to be, and to behave the way we'd like it to.

But there are those faith crises we suffer sometimes. The moments of trial are part of God's manner of testing. But the Magi ask for help, they don't want to solve their problems alone. Throughout history, God does not reveal himself directly, instead, he normally does it through his chosen people. He wants to save man through man. That's the way he did it in the incarnation. That's what we feel after a good confession; we feel joy and peace again through the absolution of a priest.

How should we translate the attitude and actions of the Magi in our daily lives? They see the star and set forth on their way to adore the Messiah; when they are uncertain as to where to go, they keep on searching and asking. Later, they are filled with joy when the star reappears. Upon arriving in front of Mary and the baby - they accept Him as He is. They adore Him, offer their gifts and their lives. Finally, they are suspicious of Herod and offer him no help.

Is this what we do every day to follow Jesus Christ? With God’s help, we have all year to put this into practice.

All the best…in Christ,

Father Wilson