Summer News

07-29-2018Pastor's Letter Rev. Gregory B. Wilson, VF

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As I announced at Mass last Sunday, with sadness we will soon say goodbye to Father Michel as he undertakes the next chapter in his priestly ministry as Administrator of St. Louis Catholic Church in Dillon, SC, and Infant Jesus Mission in Marion, SC (not far from Florence, SC). Always we know in the back of our minds that our parochial vicars are here for a time and then “graduate” to leading parishes of their own. Mark your calendars: Father Michel's last Sunday as parochial vicar of St. Mary’s will be August 12. We will have a special farewell reception for him that day in St. Angela Hall from 2:00-3:30pm. And please pray for Fr. Michel and his bright future. The process of naming a new parochial vicar is in the works, and we hope to be able to announce that soon.

I also mentioned last week to be aware of an email scam. Some unknown person is emailing people in the parish pretending to be me and asking for money to help some poor, supposedly “dying” parishioner or some other “need.” The email address often even looks official, but it is all a hoax. Know that I will never, ever send an email like that asking for funds. As always, we recall that original sin is alive and well in the world. Please pray for the conversion of those who seek to defraud and hurt others.

Although students at St. Mary’s School are still enjoying every last minute of their break, much is happening at the school to prepare for yet another fantastic year. Our new principal, Ms. Charlene Krushinsky, is unpacked and has hit the ground running! Our parish school is perhaps the most visible apostolate of our parish. (An apostolate is a parish organization whose purpose is to serve and evangelize the world.) It is a solemn duty for each of us, whether we have children in our school or not, to support our school since its purpose is also to spread the Good News. Also, I encourage any of our families with children in grades K5 – 8 who might not yet be part of our St. Mary’s School family to set up a time with Ms. Krushinsky and tour the school. Your child can get a first-rate education in a safe, Christ-centered environment.

We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer a nursery for both the 11:00am and 8:30am Masses! The nursery is located right next door in Mother Teresa Hall, and we have dedicated, skilled staff to care for children that may need this service.

Finally, on a liturgical note, the next several Sundays of the Lectionary cycle will feature the Bread of Life Discourse from St. John’s Gospel. Jesus declares, “My flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink (Jn 6:55).” What a Gift we receive in Holy Communion, no less than Jesus Himself! Let us never take it for granted.

Yours in Christ,

Father Wilson