Parish Missions

St. Mary’s offers missions during Advent and Lent.  Many of these missions are lead by a visiting priest.  

St. Mary’s next such mission will be lead by a Divine Mercy Priest and held during Lent 2018:  March 18-22, 2018 in Old St. Mary’s from 6:00-7:30pm.

Other missions are lead by the parish priests and deacons.  We will have such a mission in Advent 2017.  Watch the Sunday bulletin mission and retreat information.

Lenten Mission 2018

Directed retreats

The word ‘retreat’ means to withdraw (as an army might do in battle).

Many Catholics benefit from withdrawing from regular daily life, from the home and from family and friends, for the purpose of reconnecting or deepening their relationship with God.  Getting away allows retreatants to put aside daily concerns for a time to focus on Jesus.  Getting away can also help put the situations of daily life into perspective.
There are several retreat houses within driving distance of Aiken.

These monasteries offer retreats throughout the year:

These groups offer regularly scheduled retreats: