Middle School Youth Ministry & Catechesis

Sunday Morning Youth Ministry

9:30am Donuts and juice, 9:45-10:45am in St. Angela Hall

Sunday Morning Youth Ministry follows the Sunday Christian Formation schedule. This satisfies the requirement for Confirmation for students in public school.

Sunday Evening Youth Ministry - 6-8th graders

Meets one Sunday of the month, 6:15 - 8:00pm.

This is a ministry for all 6-8th graders to explore their faith together and build community. We do this through social and service activities. The focus is on building a strong faith community throughout our middle school parishioners. This ministry meets year-round. Please check the current youth ministry calendar for meeting dates.

Catechesis for Grades 6-8 uses the CHOSEN: This is Your Catholic Faith 3 year Christian Formation program from Ascension Press.

Upcoming Events

Sunday Morning Youth Ministry

Mar 24 9:30am

Grades 6-12. 9:30-9:45am Donuts and drinks in the gym. 9:45-10:45am Session. The Confirmation date has changed— New date, Mon, Apr 29 at 7:00pm.

Contact Mrs. Joan Marie LaBone for more information jlabone@charlestondiocese.org or 803-215-7040 cell.