Changes to Nursing Home Mass Schedule

Parish News

The schedule for Nursing Home Masses will be as follows:

  • Pepper Hill—First Thursday
  • Cumberland Village—Second Thursday
  • Trinity—Third Thursday
  • Benton House— Fourth Thursday

Carlisle (formerly Azalea Woods), Shadow Oaks, Pruitt Health, Harbor Chase, Hitchcock, and Anchor Rehabilitation Center will to be visited on Tuesdays on a rotating weekly basis. Many of these residents are unable to attend Mass and miss the opportunity to interact with a Priest. Rather than canceling thescheduled Mass time, we have decided that it would be most beneficial for residents to have private time with the Priest instead. We will regularly assess the number of parishioners to determine whether a visit or Mass will be celebrated. Please check the website or call the office if you attend the Nursing Home Masses to see verify the schedule.