St. Mary's Events & Announcements

“The 4th Cup and the New Passover” presented by Dr. Brant Pitre

Mar 18

Dr. Brant Pitre takes us step by step through what the Passover sacrifice was like at the time of Jesus. He explores questions such as:

  • What exactly did Peter and John do when they went into Jerusalem to “prepare the Passover”?
  • Why were the Passover lambs “crucified” in the shape of a cross?
  • Why were four cups of wine required for every Passover?

“Getting God’s Help” presented by Fr. Benedict Groeschel

Apr 8 - Jun 17

A series of wise, no-nonsense answers to life's problems, presented by a master teacher, beloved priest and fellow sufferer. Produced less than a year after a critical accident that left Fr. Groeschel unable to eat, drink or talk for over 2 months, this series is profoundly grounded in the reality that God is in the business of bringing victory out of seeming defeat.