Volunteer Opportunity – Gift Shop

Our parish often has several opportunities/needs for volunteers. I’d like to highlight a rather specialized need we have and seek the help of several, qualified people to reopen our parish gift shop after it was closed due to the pandemic. We are incredibly thankful to our parishioner, Mike Enloe, who volunteered to set it up when we began it. While we had other, wonderful people who could give an hour or two, no one but Mike could keep it open every Mass, every weekend. He was so good at it that I think many people thought he was paid, but it was all volunteer and donated time.

While Mike will continue to be a part of the Gift Shop, he is no longer able to volunteer every single weekend. We are looking for a volunteer who can run the shop on a Sunday from after the 8:30am Mass to the beginning of the 12:30pm Mass; so basically from about 9:15am-12:30pm. To make it work well, it really needs to be one person for those 3-ish hours. They could even close up shop for the 11:00am Mass to attend if they wanted.

Per diocesan policy, a background screening will be necessary. It is a tremendous way to get to know many of your fellow parishioners and help them expand their life of prayer and devotion, while at the same time enriching your own.

Those interested should contact Mary Frei in the parish office mfrei@charlestondiocese.org or 803-649-4777, ext. 2.