Eucharistic Adoration: Can you watch one hour with Jesus?


We are always looking for substitute adorers. Please call one of the Division Leaders below if you can help.

There are also many hours in need of partners. If you can spend one hour with Jesus on a weekly basis, please contact one of the division leaders or the lead coordinator, Ivy Monahon at 803-649-4157 or

Name Time Phone
Tom Henry 12:00-6:00am 803-642-6893
Jackie Langner 6:00-12:00pm 803-643-3159
Janice Suhrer 12:00-6:00pm 803-648-1747
Carole Schaumann 6:00-12:00am 803-648-7519

If you cannot make your hour, please talk with your partner first, then call your hourly coordinator (phone numbers are listed in the rear of the chapel), and then the division leader.