Cookies for Kairos


Cookies are needed by Tue, Apr 24. Kairos needs as many cookies as you can bake. These cookies will be for the Kairos Men's Weekend #43 at the Broad River Correctional Institution. Many men and women in our state prisons have been abandoned by their families and friends, and often these cookies are the only indication to them that they are not becoming simply a South Carolina Department of Corrections number.

We ask that while preparing and baking your cookies, pray for the people who will receive and eat them. Any type of medium-sized cookie are acceptable. Please, no thin, crisp cookies since they break when they are being bagged, or cookies with fruit or nuts in them. Pack cookies in gallon-size zip lock bags and then into a box of some kind so that there is less breakage.

The cookies will be distributed to all the residents of the BRCI during the Kairos weekend.

Cookies may be dropped off at the home of Don & Beth Trapp, 1416 Moultrie Dr, Aiken, SC 29803. Please call 803-648-4727 before dropping off the cookies, to be sure someone is available for delivery.

Prayer is also needed during the weekend to support a successful weekend. Sign up sheets are available for every hour during the course of the weekend. You can also email your prayer intentions to Carlos Dorthalina at

Thank you and God bless you. Learn more at